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About me

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I love to write and I love to illustrate. I'm an illustrator, I make humorous vignettes and write stories. I also have a cat.

I live in Galicia, surrounded by nature. The wild animals whispered to me the formula to be an illustrator:

Potion for an illustration:

- A spoonful of watercolor

- Two drops of ink

- A hint of humor

- Three or four colored pencils

(dress to taste)

- A sigh of patience


Stir over low heat for three full moons until the desired texture has been obtained.

About me


  • Completion of the Professional Comic and Illustration Course at O ​​Garaxe Hermético. (duration of three years)

  • Completion of the Literary Creation and Illustration Course at O ​​Garaxe Hermético. (duration of two years)

Awards and honours

  • Winner of 1ºprize in a micro-story contest organized by Zoom Pontevedra in 2002.

  • Finalist in micro-story contest International Amnisty of Vigo. With Agustin Fernandez Paz in the jury.

  • Selected in the literary contest "Relatos na rúa 2018" with publication of the story "I am Duke but I live like a king." by Elvira publishing house.

Published work

  • Colaborate with an humor cartoon in Elemental.

  • Merchandising for the of Cystic Fibrosis asociation. All the income for the cause. (illustration, design and layout of notebooks)

  • Publication of the short comic story "Spark e Halley" in the compilation book Infiniteca, with stories from O Garaxe Hermetico students.

  • Author of the text and illustrations of the illustrated children's album ATA10. Published in Galician by the editorial Galaxia.

  • Actualy, I colaborate with the newspaper PontevedraViva all the saturdays with an humor cartoon.

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